What to share on your LinkedIn company page

What to share on your LinkedIn company page

Your LinkedIn company page is where you can catch the eye of prospects and build relationships with customers.

In order to improve your visibility and influence, you should start consistently sharing content on LinkedIn.

But what to share?

These tips will help you to create content to share on LinkedIn that will garner interest and spread your content far and wide.

1. Share links to your latest blog posts.

If you want to get web traffic, you have to create content first and then share it on social media. When I say content, it doesn’t mean that you have to pitch your products and services. This is not a newspaper ad; social media is not meant to hype but to HELP.

2. Resources: ebooks, papers, tools, etc.

Be generous. If you have learned from a book or you find out that a tool might be helpful for your audience, share it!

3. Industry related articles.

One of the top priorities for your LinkedIn strategy should be sharing posts that are relevant to your industry as this shows your followers and potential customers that you’re up to date on the latest happenings and trends.

4. Helpful how-to content.

As I said before, content must be genuinely helpful to the user. One of the most beneficial kinds of content is the “how-to.”

Two types of how-to content:

  1. The process post describes the steps to be taken, in sequence, to complete a task.
  2. Success tips also provide suggestions on how to achieve a good outcome, but they involve topics for which sequence is not as important

5. Events you are attending or have attended.

This might encourage involvement and/or questions about the event.

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