Our free support service during the first 90 days is included in all our plans.

Choose the customized strategy that best fits your needs:


Delivery 3-5 days



Professionals, Startups & Small businesses

  • Briefing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • One-Page Marketing Plan
  • Checklists: Social Media
  • Spreadsheet: Calendar, Tactics and Analytics
  • Free Support



    Delivery 5-7 days



    Professionals, Startups & Small businesses

    • Briefing
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • One-Page Marketing Plan
    • Checklists: Website & Social Media
    • Spreadsheet: Calendar, Tactics and Analytics
    • Growth Hacking Tools
    • Free Support

      *Note: For the calculation of days, only business days will be considered; that is, from Monday to Friday, except public holidays. The business days begin to count from the day the completed questionnaire (briefing) is received.

      *Free support (90 days): Includes all consultations regarding the strategy delivered. Other consultations are excluded, as well as the management and implementation of the strategy.

      Our simple process of developing your strategy in 5 steps:

      1. Choose the strategy plan that best fits your needs

      Choose either the social media strategy or the digital marketing strategy.

      It is necessary that you fill out the questionnaire and send it, and that you do it with all the available information so our team can elaborate the strategy as carefully as possible.

      3. We study the information provided to the briefing and elaborate the customized marketing strategy

      Our team collects all the information from the briefing and develops the marketing strategy based on the plan and timeframe you have selected.

      4. You will receive an email when the marketing strategy in .pdf format is available for download on your dashboard, within the deadlines indicated according to your plan.

      Documents include the marketing strategy of your choice, a spreadsheet with the editorial calendar, tactics and analytics, and a one-page summary plan: a short, simple plan of action to begin implementing the strategy.

      Checklists and growth hacking tools will be available immediately, according to the chosen strategy.

      5. We offer a free 90-day support to help you in any doubt about the strategy. However, we do offer management services

      Once the strategy has been delivered, you have a 90-day period of free advice. In the event that you have no knowledge, time, or resources, we offer ongoing services to manage your marketing strategy.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      A defined strategy is the key to success if you want to achieve goals such as increasing sales, generating leads, driving traffic to the website, building brand awareness, etc. However, to achieve them, we can: 1) Either create a marketing strategy in social media, so the strategy will use as tactical tools only the social networks platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. 2) Or create a digital marketing strategy using various channels including SEO, email marketing, online advertising, content marketing, analytics and social networks.
      The appropriate time period to apply a strategy depends on what its implementation will require. That said, when we develop the strategy, we think of an annual marketing plan. Marketing strategy is not the Bible; it is a living document with direction and good advice. Our recommendation is to choose one or two objectives and work on them for a period of 90 days. Testing and further analysis will always reveal what works best to decide on further action, because as Dan Zarrella says, "Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."
      The briefing questionnaire is a form with key questions to know the current reality of your business and the vision of its future, and with this information, which will surely help you have a clearer and more extensive vision of the business, we will create a marketing plan adapted to your needs. We start working with your strategy very quickly, so if you detect something that you need to change after sending it, let us know as soon as possible through support@creativisocial.com In any case, you don't have to suffer for anything because you have 90 free days of advice on the strategy delivered.
      You can cancel your account with us at any time. If you decide to cancel it, you can do it yourself in your account which you can access from your panel by logging in or you can chat with us.
      Your purchase is 100% refundable until the delivery of the customized strategy. Once the strategy is delivered, we cannot accept any cancellation, but we will be happy to answer all your questions until your complete satisfaction.