How to verify a business facebook page

How to verify a business facebook page

Verification is becoming important in order to stand out and lets people know that your business profile is authentic.

There are two types of badges:

  1. Blue badges are for celebrities, public figures or well-known brands. Think of Madonna, Tony Robbins and CocaCola, for instance.
  2. Gray badges are for companies and businesses that have been verified.

We are going to explain how to apply for a gray badge. This feature has not yet rolled out globally.

What are the benefits to do so?

Verifying your business page helps pages:

  1. Rank higher in search,
  2. Build trust with potential customers as well as your current audience,
  3. Give you credibility, and
  4. Make sure people know your page represents the real you.

What type of businesses can apply for?

Your facebook page is eligible if it is a local business, a company or an organization.

What are the steps to verify your business?

STEP 1. Go to your Facebook page and click Settings at the top right corner.

STEP 2. In General, scroll down to Page Verification. Click Edit.

STEP 3. It gives you two options:

  1. Verify by phone.
  2. Verify via documentation.

*If you verify by phone:

STEP 4. Enter your publicly listed business phone number, your country, and language. Click Call Me Now, and you’ll be called with a special verification code.

STEP 5. Enter the 4-digit verification code when prompted, and click Continue. And you’ll be verified.

*If you verify via documentation:

STEP 4. Upload a picture of an official document [Business utility or phone bill, business license, business tax file, etc] showing your business or organization’s name and address.

STEP 5. Facebook will review your documentation and you’ll receive a notification or e-mail regarding your page’s verification status within a few days.

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