How to repurpose your blog content for social media

How to repurpose your blog content for social media

Content repurposing is a very efficient way to make the most of your content. The process of repurposing not only can save you time and money but also it can help you reach other audiences.


Every content idea you have should be featured in a blog post.


Because blogs generate 126% more leads.

The blog posts that can stem from just one main subject can be altered and applied across different content types to appeal to numerous audiences.

Turning blog content to social media

There are a variety of content types you can utilize:

1. Turning blog content into an ebook

Publishing an e-book is the best way to generate leads, position yourself as a thought leader, help potential customers learn more about you, build a personal brand and offer valuable expertise to your target audience.

Tool: Scrivener

2.  Turning blog content into quotes

Quote pictures contain concise nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, or humour and they are likable and shareable on social media because they are easy to view and process.

Tool: Canva

3. Turning blog content into a video

Video gets 66% more qualified leads and increases brand awareness by 54%.

The right set of tools (both free and paid) and a clear strategy for video marketing you can create engaging videos for social media without spending a lot of budget and time.

Tool: Adobe Spark

4. Turning blog content into an infographic

Images are an important way to engage with customers and fans on social media. While the average Internet user only remembers 10% of what they read, they can recall 65% of information conveyed visually.

Tool: Infogram

5. Turning blog content into a slide show

Adding a slideshow presentation to social media can be a good way to demonstrate your expertise. It visually showcase your professional story and accomplishments.

Tool: Slideful

6. Turning blog content into gif’s

If you’re paying attention to internet trends, you will use Gif’s to your social media content.

The gif is able to convey emotion and information in a quick and entertaining, and get your message across in a shorter amount of time.

Tool: Giphy

7. Turning blog content into an audio blog (podcasts)

Un canal de podcast es una gran manera de construir tu red. Ayuda a aumentar la visibilidad, la credibilidad y el respeto por tu negocio en la industria en la que te encuentres.

Herramienta: Audacity

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