How to monitor and analyze Facebook and Twitter insights

Com Monitoritzar i Analitzar les Estadístiques de Facebook i Twitter

How do you know if your social media strategy is working?

Monitoring and analyzing your strategy is key for social media success. Here are three metrics that will help you elaborate an engaging content for your social media.

1. Follower Growth

You can track the growth of your total follower count and see how many followers you gained or lost.


Go to your Facebook Page, and click the ‘Insights’. Then, click the tab ‘Likes’ on your left and choose if you want to see the data weekly, monthly or quarterly on the top right corner.

You’ll see your total likes as well as the total gains and losses over a period of time.


Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your Twitter account and choose ‘Analytics’ from the drop-down menu.

You’ll see an updated 28-day summary of followers (aside from other metrics).

2. Optimal Times for Engagement

Perhaps one of the hardest challenges on social media is to get engagement. That’s why it’s important to measure when your audience is most active and most likely to engage.


You can watch when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Page and click ‘Insights’ first and ‘Posts’ after. Then you can hover over the days of the week.


On Twitter we don’t have statistics for specific times throughout the day. Yet we can see how the engagement rises and falls during a period.

Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your Twitter account and choose Analytics from the drop-down menu. Then click the tab ‘Tweets’ at the top page.

3. Audience Demographics

Monitoring your audience demographics can help you redefine your content strategy.


On Facebook you can go to ‘Insights’ and click the tab ‘People’, you’ll see where your fans are from and people reached with your post.


If you check out and click ‘Audiences’, you’ll get a broad range of information from your followers: Interests, demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, mobile footprint.

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