How to create your own branded images for your blog and social media

How to create your own branded images for your blog and social media

Visual content has a great impact on reach, engagement and sales.

Do you use fonts, colors and logo to get maximum results from your visual content?

In this article you’ll find out how to design your branded visual content so your audience can associate your images with your brand.

1. Create templates

If you use consistent composition, not only you will be fast creating content but also your audience will recognize your image right away.

Example: Our logo uses a circle as a frame; so we share inspiring quotes and tips with the same frame and the same color.

2. Keep Color Identity

If we look at the images of well-known brands, we’ll see they are using the same colors in their logo and in their images.

Colors are relevant when it comes to branding on an emotional and practical level.

The power of color is achieving instant recognition. If we say, Red, which brand are we talking about?

Yes, you’re right. Coca-Cola

Example: Black color and bold letters. Unmistakable, right?

3. Place your logo consistently

As you can see in the example below, you can put your logo in your pictures but keep in mind that your logo size and positioning must be consistent.

Example: gives us a great tip. Why don’t we use our URL?

4. Use your brand’s font

To increase recognition, use the font of your brand in the pictures.

Creativisocial Tip: Use two or three fonts throuthout your feed.

Example: Look at the typology used by Mr. Wonderful. Isn’t it wonderful? πŸ™‚

Free tools for creating your branded visual content

Here are three free tools you can use to design your branded visual content:

1. Pablo.

Pablo by Buffer helps you to create social media images, with ideal sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. It’s very easy to use.

2. Canva.

Here is another easy and effective tool I use for creating engaging visual content. While Buffer gives you the possibility to choose from a few templates, there are multiple free templates ready to use with Canva.

You can create documents with different sizes, kindle books cover, business cards, social media headers and so on.

3. Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is another easy tool that helps you turn your ideas into impactful social graphics, web stories, and animated videos.

Need to tell your story in a compelling way? You can create a social post, a web page or animated video.

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