How to create compelling instagram content for businesses

How to create compelling instagram content for businesses

The best way for your brand to leverage Instagram is to create unique and creative content and share it.

Coming up with fresh and creative ideas for your Instagram feed is a struggle for most companies.  You need a content marketing strategy for setting your brand apart from your competitors.

Here are some ideas for your Instagram posts.

1. Employee profiles

Consumers are becoming increasingly more hesitant toward businesses online. If you want to make a difference, you should humanize your brand. At the end behind your brand, there are real people. People with real feelings. Show them!

Let your audience feel a personal connection to your community.

Vaynermedia is a fantastic example.

Aside from that, you can also share behind-the-scenes pictures like your workplace, action shoots, and so on.

2. Product features.

It is true that your audience doesn’t like the pushy sales techniques; however, you can share the occasional post showing your products.

You can use hashtags and emojis in your descriptions in order to attract the attention and interest of likely customers.

Starbucks shows beautiful images of its products.

3. Events.

Instagram is a social media platform to engage valuable potential event attendees. So don’t hesitate to create a branded Instagram campaign for your event.

In order to successfully use Instagram for events, organizers must first learn to create compelling organic content. Sharing images of speakers, attendees, or well designed quotes are good examples of good event related content to share.

4. Resources.

One of the most fantastic ways to engage and inspire people on Instagram is to share your resources. Your audience is eager to learn, to get inspired, to be guided. Be generous and share your resources.

5. Your personality.

One of the worst mistakes companies make is to talk to people in robot corporate brand speak. Your audience wants to see you, hear you and understand you. They want you to inspire them to connect and engage with you.

You can start by knowing who you are. Then, you can create a brand personality.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are, like Richard Brandson

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