How to beat the Instagram algorithm

How to beat the Instagram algorithm

Why don’t my followers see my posts?

People ask that frequent question to our agency. The answer lies on the algorithms.

First, you should know that social media algorithms are what all social media platforms run on these days. Actually, each social media channel has its own algorithm, which determines how frequently and vast your content get seen and shared.

But don’t panic! Check out the following list and see if the Instagram algorithm benefits you or not.

1. Post frequently.

If you post regularly, chances are that you get more visibility. Yet, posting too much can make your followers walk away. So posting regularly means 1-2 posts per day.

2. Likes you get.

Engagement is truly important. Your job here is to share high quality images and engage with people. How can you do that? You should like back people’s posts and comment on them.

3. Likes from recent posts.

The Instagram algorithm takes into account the post likes but also the likes from recent posts. So always try to share your best content.

4. Videos you post.

All platforms love videos. Some of them are even incorporating live streaming. They rank them high. So be sure you also post some videos.

5. Be an active profile.

An active profile is someone who comments and likes other profiles. Be social.

6. Instagram relationships.

The Instagram algorithm also benefits those who build relationships. So if you send direct messages, most likely you’ll rank high as you’ll be seen as a very popular profile.

7. Number of hashtags

You can use up to 30 hashtags. Try to use those related to the post you are sharing.

In conclusion, if you share regularly your best photos and videos and engage with people, most likely your content will be seen.

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