Finding and engaging your target audience

Finding and engaging your target audience

Are you reaching the right people on social media?

Building a strong brand is useless unless you target the right audience. It’s well worth spending time thinking about who you need to connect and engage with on social media.

Marketers have long relied on market research to determine where to spend their advertising budgets. In the last few years, organizations like Sprout Social have begun providing valuable insights on social networks.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Network Preferences by Generation

Key Tip: The data is clear. If your audience is predominantly on Facebook, it’s there where your brand has to be.

2. Following Brands on Social Media

Key Tip: As many people look for brand information from social networks, there’s a need to have a brand presence, even though your target audience are boomers.

3. Interaction brands

Key Tip: Boomers are following less brands, so obviously they engage less. Try to focus on other social media goals like brand awareness.

4. Brands Behaviors that cause people to Unfollow

Key Tip: Find content that will resonate deeply with your audience. Don’t be spammy! This brand behavior causes boomers to unfollow.

5. Likely to purchase from a brand they follow

Key Tip: According to the data, Generation X is more prone to brand loyalty. Focus on Facebook—It’s where consumers spend most of their online social time.

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