7 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Work

7 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Work

Ecommerce growth has accelerated since 2020.

Not only did many physical stores move online, but the habits of consumers changed drastically.

Online shopping continues growing at a staggering pace. And it is here to stay.

Yet, brands need to know that well-defined ecommerce marketing strategies are critical to their success.

We like to remind you Tanner Larsson’s words in Ecommerce Evolved, “It costs money to make money. That’s part of business. If you’re not willing to spend money in your business, go get a job.”

In this post, we are sharing 7 easy strategies you can implement today and see results for your business as quickly as possible.

But first, let’s check what’s ecommerce marketing and what the benefits are.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce Marketing is the act of driving awareness toward a business that sells its product or service electronically, make them purchase and then retaining those customers so they continue purchasing from your business.

Successful sales are key for consistent growth. But owners of ecommerce businesses should also focus on building customer loyalty online.

Nowadays consumers have lots of information. They expect a hassle-free experience, though.

Benefits of Ecommerce Marketing

With an ecommerce website, your business can operate without geographical boundaries. This is perhaps the major benefit. But, there are other benefits that you should know.

  1. Cost reduction – Ecommerce businesses can avoid the major investments one needs when you operate a traditional store. We think of rent, personnel, design, etc.
  2. Open all the time – A brick-and-mortar store has a close time. On the other hand, with an online store, a customer can purchase 24/7/365.
  3. Gain new customers with an affordable advertising and marketing. Physical stores must rely mainly on branding, which is costly. Ecommerce businesses don’t have to spend a lot of money to promote their products. And on top of that, it’s more convenient to enable discount coupons and other deals.
  4. Sell with no borders – You can expand your business with no limitations. Even you can run your business from home and sell to customers anywhere in the world.
  5. Provide as much information as you wish – Online websites have plenty of space for information. In one step, you can tell the customer about the price, description, category, shipping fee, product care, delivery time, etc..

7 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Work

1. Use content marketing to generate backlinks

Does your online store have a blog?

If not, you have to create one.

When you create interesting content, you build authority of your domain so it can rank for keywords—or better yet, for key phrases—and you can also get backlinks.

Yes! We are talking about the benefits of content marketing, optimized for SEO.

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2. Send abandoned cart emails


According to Baymard Institute’s data, the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57 percent. They calculated data from 41 different studies. So 7 out of 10 shoppers won’t complete their transaction.

Mobile users have an even higher abandonment rate: 85.65%!

This is shocking, right?!

We like to remind you how important is that your site MUST be mobile-friendly. Google Search Console will help you assure your site is fully optimized.

The strategies you can implement are the following:

  1. With the above data, we encourage you to experiment with delivery offers. Shipping costs are the main key driver of cart abandonment.
  2. Create urgency by revealing the number of products left. Scarcity can boost sales by up to 226%.
  3. Send a reminder email. Use the abandoned cart recovery email app, if you use shopify. Or, a WooCommerce cart recovery app, if you use WordPress.

3. Create a social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing strategy is a very powerful tool for ecommerce businesses.

You can create it to gain brand awareness, boost traffic to your website, and build a large base of customers.

Once again, consistency is key.

So be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

One tactic that makes wonders is retargeting. Retargeting will help you reach out to customers, who have interacted with your brand but didn’t convert yet.

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4. Up-sell and cross-sell strategically

Customer acquisition shouldn’t be as hard as it seems.

Yet, many business owners miss the opportunity to increase sales by promoting up-sells and cross-sells.

Here’s the difference between the two:

  • Upselling is when you are selling a more expensive version of a product that the customer is buying.
  • Crossselling is when you are selling products that are different (but can be related) to the one the customer is buying.

Does it work?

Well, stats tell the truth.


According to Groove HQ, while you have a 5-20% probability of selling a new customer, you have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing one.

Clear, right?

So when a shopper places an item in the shopping cart, you can suggest a related product with a great value. Or if a product is in the shopping cart, and there is a better version, you can suggest it with a pop-up.

Do not fear! This all can be automated.

5. Offer a Live Chat on your website

According to Website Builder, 51% customers are more likely to purchase on websites with integrated Live Chat, and 29% are more likely to purchase just by seeing the option, even if they don’t use it.

If it’s not in your budget right now, you can use a free one.

There are many options. We recommend you Tawk.to. It’s free, forevah! 🙂

6. Add reviews to your website

Trust is key when purchasing online.

One way to build trust is by adding reviews to your website.

You can place them on product pages, so the customer can check them out quickly before making the purchase.

One tactic that many online stores are implementing is to ask for video testimonials. In exchange, the brand gives them a gift card.

Then, you can use this user generated content not only on your website but you can also share it on your social media platforms.

7. Offer instant discounts to new customers

There are many visitors that come to your website and leave.

The rate is huge!

But, we can encourage them to stay, or to come back asap, by throwing them an instant discount.

With an exit popup offering a discount that customers can redeem in a short period of time, you can lead to mind blowing increased amount in sales.


If you employ these ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics today, you are going to see a huge jump in sales this year.

Remember that once you implement them, you have to track the results, and analyze them.

If they work, keep using it!

If you need any help, we are here to serve you. Check out our plans or reach us with your inquiries.

We want you to succeed!

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