5 Unbeatable tips for selling on Instagram

5 Unbeatable tips for selling on Instagram

Instagram is the king of engagement on social media. Now it’s time to convert your followers into customers. Start selling on Instagram today!

Your website is no longer your only channel for selling products. Social media sites like Instagram have turned into amazing sales tools.

Here are five tips to maximize your selling ability on Instagram.

1. Develop a signature look

The inception of the sales process is to tell who you are and what your business has to offer in basically 10 seconds.

You should consider the following tips on writing your bio:

  1. Choose your name wisely.
  2. Get to the point with your profession.
  3. Share hobbies to show the personal side.
  4. Don’t forget the call to action.
  5. Use keywords that feeds for your business.
  6. Choose hashtags that will resonate with your fanbase.
  7. Choose your URL and change as needed.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the photo profile. Studies have shown that the photos that perform best on Instagram are naturally lit and have colors with a distinct hue (your eye goes to one color in the frame).

2. Tell a powerful story that matches with the picture.

Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories. Develop a story that’s compelling and cohesive and brings out the unique value proposition of your brand.

Starbucks created stories with exemplary people.

3. Diversify your hashtags.

Use only 30 hashtags, but don’t use only the ones that are populars because the chances you have to be seen are minimal.

Those companies that have found marketing success on Instagram do not blindly apply irrelevant hashtags to their content.

4. Build an audience, instead of collecting followers. Measure your images engagement.

The new Instagram algorithms index high having engaged followers who care about your business, leave comments and likes.

If one account has 500 followers and another account has 5000 followers and both are usually getting 50 likes, the account with fewer followers is more likely to be seen.

How can you engage people?

Create value, first. Then, engage.

Take 5-10 minutes per day to go to your recent followers to like their photos or leave a note.

Then, try to recreate the pictures with more likes and more tags during a 2-3 week period.

5. Sell through the comments section on its Instagram posts.

People are making big money selling on Instagram. Thread Therapy Boutique, for instance, uses an application called Soldsie to sell through the comments section on its Instagram posts. Fans can simply comment ‘sold’ along with a size/variation and their email address to be sent an invoice for the product.

Isn’t it cool?

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