5 Instagram accounts to get your dosis of inspiration

5 Instagram accounts to get your dosis of inspiration

If you’ve been feeling stuck, these ideas may help you find inspiration

01. @maria.svarbova

Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova creates images depicting various scenes in a swimming pool with a surreal touch.


02. @slimejellies

Florida-based Brenden began creating her own slimes at home after discovering them on Instagram.


03. @focuscada

Constantina Schmid-Mprigou captures whimsical scenes of people, places and the natural world.


04. @antonitudisco

A German art director that offers awesomeness and good vibes with each and every post using 3D.


05. @alessiodevecchi

Talented CGI designer and art director Alessio de Vecchi designs art for brands and fills Instagram with unreal characters and lanscapes.


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