5 Free tools to get more shares on Twitter

5 Free tools to get more shares on Twitter

Improving social media engagement means your content get seen by more people and leads to more action taken on each post.

Do your followers interact with you on social media? Want to spark more engagement?

These WordPress plugins will help you to strengthen your brand and make it more popular.

1.  Display Twitter sharing buttons

Social Warfare is a social media sharing plugin for WordPress and now our go-to social sharing plugin.

It has a limited set of free features.

  • Social Networks

This easy drag-and-drop interface lets you choose your active networks, as well a couple of choices for button ordering.

  • Share Counts

You can choose to show either or both of the button counts and the total share counts, as well as set a minimum number that needs to be reached before they start appearing.

  • Popular posts widget based on social share counts

Wouldn’t you love to show what your most popular posts are based on the number of social shares’s they’ve received? Social Warfare allows you to do just that.

  • Click-to-Tweet Style

These are popular to use and can be very effective if done right.

  • Use shortcodes to manually place share buttons anywhere

If you want to place buttons in the middle of an article, you can with its shortcode.

  • Content protection

They have built our highly demanded Frame Buster right into Social Warfare so that you are protected from content hijackers seeking to place their advertisements on top of your content without your permission.

2. Make it easy for your audience to tweet your content

Social Warfare not only helps you get your content shared the way you want it to be Shared, but also it allows you to create in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for people to share.

It’s called a Click-to-Tweet.

3.  Use the official Twitter widget

By using the official widget, you can display your tweets, your favorited tweets, tweets for a list and tweets from a search query.

Besides choosing a custom height, you can also choose a dark or light color scheme. Visitors can follow you by clicking the follow button integrated into the widget.

To create a widget, go to https://dev.twitter.com/web/overview .

4. Display recent tweet

Recent Tweets Widget plugin for Twitter will read status messages from your database and it doesn’t query Twitter.com for every page load so you won’t be rate limited.

5. Embed tweets

An embedded Tweet brings brings the best content created on Twitter into your article or website. An embedded Tweet may include unique photos or a video created for display on Twitter or interactive link previews to highlight additional content. Author attribution, hashtags, mentions, and other key components of the Twitter experience helps your site’s audience connect with the global conversation happening on Twitter.

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