5 Free tools to create awesome infographics

5 Free tools to create awesome infographics

Creating valuable content marketing is now more than ever a must, if you want to resonate more powerfully with your customers. You carefully tailor it to their needs and interests.

Said that, it’s no secret that visual content is even more powerful. Research shows that our ability to recall information increases significantly when it is presented as an image rather than plain text.

Now you can also create an awesome infographic, even if you are on a tight budget. Here are 5 free tools to create an awesome infographic:

1. Free online infographic maker by Canva.

It includes hundreds of free design elements, allowing you to experiment with data visualization like a pro.

Step #1: Log in and start designing.

Step #2: Choose a template, drag it to the canvas, edit it and published it.

Cost: Free + $1 for some templates and photos.

2. Create and share visual ideas with Easel.ly

This free web-based infographic tool offers you dozens of free templates to start you off, which are easily customizable.

Cost: Free + $3 for some templates and icons.

3. Create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data with Infogr.am

It’s a tool that offers access to a wide variety of graphs, charts and maps. You can also upload pictures and videos.

Cost: Free for a single user with a maximum of 10 infographics in your library, 2 maps and 10 images upload to have them handy to re-use.

4. Google Charts

Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. You can create from a rich gallery of interactive charts and data.

Cost: Free.

5. Piktochart

It allows you to create your own infographic from scratch or you can use some of the templates. There are different formats: a traditional infographic size, slide size, poster and report.

Cost: Free, but plans start at $15.

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