5 Benefits of blogging for your business

5 Benefits of blogging for your business

Want to promote your business?

The formula is simple.

Create a platform. Start blogging. Build loyalty with information. Start being useful.

Blogging is hard work, but it pays off.

Here are some benefits of creating amazing and useful content for your blog:

1. A blog showcases your brand identity

A company is not just a logo. A blog is a great place to tell your brand’s story.

Make sure you answer the following questions in your website/blog.

What’s your mission?

What’s your vision?

What are your values?

What value are you offering?

2. It builds relationships with customers, prospects and industry authorities

If you think your customers don’t read blogs. Think twice.

Some probably don’t but they all seek information on Google. If your blog provides the information they’re looking for, guess where will Mr. Google bring them?

Your blog.

Remember to respond all your reader’s questions and comments.

3. Blogging drives traffic to your website

There are three ways you can drive traffic to your website:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social Media
  3. Search Engines

When you post a blog post:

-It becomes one more indexed page. Thus, it will be easier to show up in search engines organically.

-You are creating content that people can share on social media, which gives you more visibility.

3. It helps convert web traffic into leads

Some companies build its presence online on Facebook. They rely on a social media platform, which they have no control whatsoever.

If tomorrow Facebook disappears, your contacts follow suit.

Blogging helps you build a loyal audience of subscribers over time. E-mail subscribers are the most valuable since they provide most control and easiest access.

Said that, as Jeff Rohrs, author of Audience, states “You simply do not own your audience. They can get up and leave—mentally and physically—at any time.”

That’s why creating and sharing amazing content and being helpful are the only reasons they will stay.

4. It drives long-term results

You need patience. Most likely, you won’t see immediate results, but you will over time.


Because blog posts are ranking in search engines, which means that for days, months and years you can get traffic and leads from it.

This is a scalability business.

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