4 Brand identity essentials for social media

4 Brand identity essentials for social media

Brand identity is the collection of all brand elements that the company creates to portray the right image of itself to the audience.

Before creating your social media strategy, you should take a piece of paper and a pen and work on the following brand identity essentials.

1. Your current brand identity.

1.1. Color.

Colors have an impact on how we feel.

The Pantone Color Institute studies how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions.

Yellow= Optimism, clarity, warmth. For instance, IMDb.

Orange= Friendly, cheerful, confidence. For instance, Amazon.

Red= Excitement, youthful, bold. For instance, Pinterest.

Purple= Creative, imaginative, wise. For instance, Yahoo.

Blue= Trust, dependable, strength. For instance, CreativiSocial.

Green= Peaceful, growth, health. For instance, Spotify.

Gray= Balance, calm, neutral. For instance, Apple.

1.2. Logo.

Create a visual representation of everything your company stands for.

A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.

1.3. Name.

When choosing your brand name:

– Think about the words that you’re using in everyday life.

– Find a concept that resonates with as many people as possible.

– Invent it, if you need a new word.

1.4. Symbol.

A logo should contain images or references that support the brand’s message or product.

For instance, the orange underlining arrow in the Amazon logotype points from the A to the Z, which illustrates the sheer variety of products that the online store sell. It’s also been shaped as a smile, which represents customer satisfaction.

2. Your promise.

A promise is a statement.

Is it an outstanding customer service? Is it a spectacular quality?

Write down your promise.

Remember to make a promise and keep it!

Case Study: Logitech.

How did Logitech become the fastest-growing technology company in America?

Its promise is not to deliver a cutting-edge technology coming out of Silicon Valley, but the lack of it. They don’t try to figure out how to innovate a better chip. They are working frantically to create a better user experience. That’s its promise and they keep it.

3. Your target.

Everyone wants to be seen by millions, to go viral. But when you seek to engage with everyone, you cannot please them all.

What’s the solution?

Focus on the minimum viable audience and deliver work that matters.

That audience will spread the word for you.

Things you should take into consideration:

  1. Create content with a clear benefit to the customer.
  2. Think global, but post local. Be meaningful, creative and beneficial to your local target.

4. Your brand delivery.

Before starting to create and to share content with no sense, ask the following questions:

4.1. What’s your brand’s purpose? What’s the brand you want to build?

4.2. How your brand make people feel? How will it be seen, heard and felt online?

4.3. What’s the mission and vision of your brand? How can you create content according to them? Are you giving value to your audience?

4.4. How will your brand interact? What’s your brand voice?

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