3 Ways to generate leads from your blog

3 Ways to generate leads from your blog

Want to generate leads from your blog?

As you know, crafting posts can establish your business as an authority in your field, educate your customers and prospects about your product or service, and boost your SEO.

Moreover, businesses who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

Here are 3 ways to generate leads from your blog:

1. Write about topics that interest your audience

We know that writing can be quite scaring for some people who are not accustomed to write. But it is not so if you create an habit.

Here we show you how using some tools, you will be able to see what terms people are searching on Google.

1. You can steal keywords from competitors

If you are a newbie, you can use a simple and free tool called SEOBook Keyword Analyzer.

You have to login first.

Then, go to https://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/

Write your competitor’s URL and you’ll snatch up keywords from their sites. 🙂

2. Use Mergewords to create your own master list

By brainstorming combinations of keywords, you can generate a giant list of potential keywords.

First, split the words into different prefixes and suffixes.

Second, combine them into one giant list using the free Mergewords tool.



-where do I buy

Middle word:

-cardboard boxes



Combined keywords:

-cardboard boxes

-cardboard boxes online

2. Use call to actions in your blog post

A Call to Action is an instruction to get an immediate response from the audience, usually using a verb such as “Sign up”, “Shop now”…

They are necessary for landing pages and in ads, but also a requisite if your purpose is to generate leads.

How can you introduce a CTA in your blog post?

Include a link in the text of your post where your audience can get an e-book, for instance.

Another way to generate leads with your blog posts lies in the comments.


Yes. Right.

If you are giving information to your audience, they will care about your brand. Your brand has won their confidence, so they leave comments, asking questions, giving kudos, and providing suggestions.

If someone asks you more information about a subject, you can provide them not only with a well-thought answer but also with a CTA that leads to a landing page where they can download a whitepaper on the subject they asked for.

3. Leverage margin banners and the hello bar

If you look to the right or left sidebar, you’ll notice a CTA that attempts to get you to download content or sign up for an email list. Go ahead. Leverage your margin banners.

The Hello Bar is the most popular way to generate blog leads today. It includes a CTA which helps you drive traffic to landing pages without being overly invasive.

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