3 Ways to build trust on LinkedIn for writers, filmmakers (and other creative people)

3 Ways to build trust on LinkedIn for writers, filmmakers (and other creative people)

Want to build trust on LinkedIn and create a strong (personal) brand?

Here are three ways to build trust on the largest and most dominant social network in the professional arena:

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile. 

Your LinkedIn profile must be complete. When someone googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will be the top search result, so make sure you complete these features:

  • Use keywords in your headline, job title and summary: #writer #creativewriter #filmmaker #author #paintor #actor… you name it.
  • Your profile image must reflect your professional style. Please make sure it’s a good one. Do not use a photo of your cat, your car, the last pic you took on the beach. Absolutely not!
  • Get your vanity URL. To create your URL, use your first and last name.
  • Write a concise background summary. In the example below, you’ll see how Gretl Claggett explains wisely what makes her different from the rest in her field.
  • Add your books, projects, publications and awards. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your work and recognition.
  • Añade tus libros, proyectos, publicaciones y premios. Es una gran oportunidad para mostrar tu trabajo y reconocimiento.

 2. Publish and share content.

Updating your status gives you visibility but first think of what your connections would like.

You should share news on your work and projects. Yet remember to like and share your connection’s content. The first rule in social media is first give; then ask.
Post once per day; and write a publication once per month.

3. Proactively grow your audience and keep connected.

  • Invite potential connections: In the top navigation bar, click My Network and choose connections to see potential contacts.
  • Endorse your contacts. Value the skills of your peers.
  • Use keep in touch feature: Write personal notes on anniversaries, new jobs, birthdays, etc.

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