3 Ways to be creative on Instagram for businesses

3 Ways to be creative on Instagram for businesses

If you want to be recognized as a business on Instagram, you can convert your personal account to a business profile [you will need to link it to your Facebook Page], and take advantage of some tools featured just for businesses:
• Choose how your customers can get touch with you: call, text, or email; and let them get your direction.
• Get insights: followers profiles, impressions, etc.
• Able to promote.

Before posting any photo, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s your purpose?
  2. What is the tone and style you want to portray?

As you know, social media is not about selling your stuff. So here are some ideas on how to share your creativity through Instagram.

3 Ways to be creative on Instagram for businesses:

1. Tell a compelling story.

We humans have been communicating through stories for upwards of 20,000 years, so no wonder people are attracted to stories. Actually, people love stories.

So if we combine the power of social media and storytelling, we will be able to reach a greater audience.

For instance, Dove has created a campaign called #RealBeauty ‘You are more beautiful than you think’. They launched a campaign that intends to help all women realize their personal beauty.

Too sexy to be a lawyer.

Dove_Campanya Instagram

Act like a mom.

2. Use Instagram as a micro-blogging.

What is micro-blogging?

Micro-blogging is using a social media channel to provide valuable information with your followers. It’s like the short version of your blog post.

How can we add value?

You can add value by creating a tutorial, share behind the scenes moments, start a discussion, or share a sneak peak of your last blog post.

Social media author and speaker, Peg Fitzpatrick, shares her last blog post, explaining what’s about.

3. Create an interactive catalogue and product profiles.

Ikea has created a ‘website’ within Instagram. This account acts as an interactive catalogue. Clicking through the view of these images brings up a variety of tags that link to separate pages with more information on each product.

Isn’t it awesome? Watch the video.

Be Creative | Be Social

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