3 Simple steps for adding videos to your Twitter content strategy

3 Passos senzills per afegir videos a la teva estratègia de contingut de Twitter

Did you know that tweets with video are 6x more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos?

Follow these simple steps for adding videos to your Twitter content strategy.


1. Create a standout video

To create a memorable, shareable video, you should consider following these tips:

  1. Tell a story with dynamic set of actions that solve a problem.
  2. Hook the audience. Build an intriguing set-up to hook the viewer in the first seconds.
  3. Feature people. View rates increase 2x when including people.
  4. Include captions. Use captions to pull the viewer through the video.
  5. Feature your brand logo. Your content should be associated with your brand right from the beginning.

2. Post different types of video throughout the day

One important thing you should know is that people are searching for different types of content throughout the day.

6am-12pm: Staying Informed

12pm – 6pm: Seeking Amusement

6pm – 12am: People are looking to unwind

3. Get inspired by these brands

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