27 Chrome Extensions for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

27 Chrome Extensions for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

To implement a marketing strategy can be a daunting endeavor. There are many repetitive actions and activities which are necessary but time-waste. That’s why Google Chrome Extensions are so popular.

They are action-driven and boost your productivity with just one click.

You might know Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. But what about Chrome Extensions?

Let’s start to define them.

What Are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small software programs you can install in your Google Chrome browser to extend its functionality. That is, their main function is to make your work easier.

How to Add a Chrome Extension to Your Browser?

Step #1 – Go to the Chrome web store. Click here.

Step # 2 – Choose the extension you want to add

Step # 3 – Click on add to chrome

There are thousands of chrome extensions. And you can add as many as you wish. Now, you can bring the browser to a creaking halt if you add them all and indiscriminately.

Which ones should you add on?

We made a list of the best ones that will help to implement your digital marketing strategy.

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So we are sharing the Chrome extensions that are useful and well supported.

For better use, we’ve broken them down into different categories.

27 Chrome Extensions for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

• Chrome Extensions for Social Media

1. Bitly


URL: Bitly

What is for?

• Create short, customized, powerful links from any page and share them with the world
• Customize for click-worthy links

2. BuzzSumo


URL: BuzzSumo

What is for?

  • Quickly get social engagement data for the page you’re viewing, or for any other website:
    • Includes Twitter sharers no longer available officially
    • View who shared the page on Twitter
    • View backlink count for URL
    • See the most shared content for the current website
    • Analyze top performing content formats
    • Easily share content via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

3. Save to Facebook


URL: Save to Facebook

What is for?

  • Save things you want to come back to later.
  • Help you keep it organized by presenting you with collection options

4. Pinterest Save Button


URL: Pinterest Save Button

What is for?

  • Save your favorite ideas online so you can easily get back to them later.
  • The Save to Pinterest button also makes it easy to find ideas similar to those you like.

5. App for Instagram

URL: App for Instagram

What is for?

  • It tweaks the Desktop Instagram version to look like a mobile app with support for Chrome IG Story.
  • Upload your photos and videos for share with your friends.

6. RiteTag


URL: RiteTag

What is for?

  • Get hashtag suggestions for images and texts on any site (great for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

• Chrome Extensions For SEO

7. SEO Minion


URL: SEO Minion

What is for?

  • It helps you in your daily SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview and more.




What is for?

  • Displays all meta data and main SEO information for the best SEO.

9. Keyword Surfer


URL: Keyword Surfer

What is for?

  • Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results.

10. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


URL: Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

What is for?

  • On-page SEO report, broken link checker, redirect tracer, and country changer for search results in one extension.

11. Redirect Link Checker


URL: Redirect Link Checker

What is for?

  • Redirect Link Checker will check all links on your page to find broken and redirect links.

Chrome Extensions For Blogging

12. MyBib


URL: MyBib

What is for?

  • MyBib is a FREE bibliography and citation generator that makes accurate citations for you to copy straight into your academic assignments and papers.

13. Helperbird


URL: Helperbird

What is for?

  • All-in-one extension that provides personalized support to make web pages, PDFs and documents more accessible and productive to your needs.
  • Designed to help everyone with the web in a way that suits their abilities learning styles and lifestyle.

14. ProWritingAid


URL: ProWritingAid

What is for?

  • Grammar checking to catch mistakes as you write, and
  • In-depth reports to help you strengthen and polish your most important work.

15. Grammarly


URL: Grammarly

What is for?

  • From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.
  • You’ll get real-time feedback from Grammarly on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing

16. Wordtune


URL: Wordtune

What is for?

  • Wordtune is an AI-powered writing companion that understands what you’re trying to say, and suggests ways to make your writing clearer, compelling and authentic.

• Chrome Extensions For Content Marketing

17. Eye Dropper


URL: Eye Dropper

What is for?

  • Open source extension which allows you to pick colors from web pages, color picker and your personal color history.

18. Video Downloader Professional


URL: Video Downloader Professional

What is for?

  • Download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

19. Giphy for Chrome


URL: Giphy for Chrome

What is for:

  • All the GIFs and Stickers from GIPHY.com in a compact extension.

20. SimilarSites


URL: SimilarSites

What is for?

  • Instantly find websites similar to the one you’re currently browsing.

21. Awesome Screenshot


URL: Awesome Scheenshot

What is for?

  • The best screen recorder and screen capture & annotation tool for remote work.

22. Headline Studio by CoSchedule


URL: Headline Studio

What is for?

  • Improves your blog headlines wherever you write them, from WordPress to Wix.

• Chrome Extensions for Productivity

23. Email Finder


URL: Email Finder

What is for?

  • Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

24. Toggl Track


URL: Toggl Track

What is for?

  • Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

25. LastPass


URL: LastPass

What is for?

  • An award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

26. Reply


URL: Reply

What is for?

  • Allows you to refer the latest response as you compose the reply.

27. Todoist


URL: Todoist

What is for?

  • Organize, plan and collaborate on projects, both big and small.
  • Add websites as tasks.
  • Plan your day
  • Complete tasks from the browser.


The above Chrome extensions can make your work easier. Some of them are available online and free of charge.

Check them out and add the ones that can contribute to your marketing requirements and your daily life productivity.

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