10 Tips To Choosing An Ebook Topic For Your Audience

10 Tips To Choosing An Ebook Topic For Your Audience

Are you choosing an ebook topic in order to boost your company’s marketing efforts?

An informative ebook can be the right incentive for your audience because people are hungry of (good) information. So they are willing to give you their personal information (email) in exchange of the ebook, or even to pay the price for it.

Said that, first things first. You have to write about a hot topic. A topic that your audience is craving for.

Here you’ll find 10 tips to choosing an ebook topic that your audience will definitely want to read.

But first, let’s define what’s an ebook in digital marketing.

What’s An Ebook In Digital Marketing?

An ebook (in digital marketing) is an electronic book which covers detailed insight on a topic of expertise, with the main purpose of improving brand awareness and reputation, while retaining the audience within an inbound marketing strategy.

Advantages Of An Ebook Content Marketing

Most inbound marketing campaigns are focused on elaborating and publishing articles on a blog.

You can expand that information by writing an ebook on that topic, so the audience can better understand it.

We can think of the following advantages:

1. An ebook establishes you as an expert

2. They have more value than the blog posts.

3. You can sell your ebook for a low fee

4. An ebook can be an awesome lead magnet

5. You can create an ebook easily and quickly with a software tool

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Top Ebook Creators Softwares

One of the biggest content marketing challenge is the lack of resources. Yet, sometimes it’s a question of using the right tools to save time.

Here are some of the ebook creators softwares you can use:

Kitaboo – A cloud-based digital publishing platform to create, publish and securely delivery multimedia-enhanced interactive ebooks.

Flipbuilder.- An ebook creator that converts PDF into Media Rich eBooks with a flipbook style

Blurb.- An ebook publishing software capable of assisting throughout the publishing and distribution process

Pressbooks.- Offers epublishing solution to educational institutions, authors and self-publishers

Visme. -Lets users to download the eBook as a PDF and share or sell online

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10 Tips To Choosing An Ebook Topic For Your Audience

1. Look out your most visited pages on your blog

The average amount of time your visitors spend the most on that page is a great start. That means that your audience finds that topic relevant.

The above indicator must be put into perspective. Meaning that you have to also check the most visited pages.

You can find these numbers on Google Analytics.

Write down the main topics and write your ebook.

2. Don’t beat around the bush. Ask for an ebook topic!

Sometimes we waste time in our heads when the solution is out there.

Go to your social media accounts, and ask your followers what topics they want to learn about more.

You can also ask your friends or colleagues.

This information will give you a clear insight of what they are really interested.

To get feedback online, you can use Google Forms to create a survey, or a fancier platform like Typeform.

3. Solve a problem

Your audience love useful information, but they crave for solutions.

The best way to learn about what their problems are, aside from asking them, is to use social listening.

Go to your social media accounts, as well as your competitors’ social media accounts, and you’ll see what kind of information they need to know.

4. Research the kindle ebooks on Amazon

Amazon ebooks’ library is a great source of information by categories.

You can see the hot ebook topics online. But also you are going to check ratings and reviews.

Ask yourself:

  • Which ebooks are bestsellers?
  • How many ratings do they have?
  • Do they have great reviews?

5. Stalk competitor’s websites

This is a task that can come up doing a competitive research in your digital marketing strategy.

Do a research on your 3 main competitors. Check out their websites, especially blogs, and their social media accounts.

We are sure you’ll find useful ideas.

If they have ebooks as a lead magnets. Get them to check out how they develop their ideas.

Keep in mind that you are downloading it in order to research. So, please, do not copy them!

6. Discover questions people ask

If you wish to discover what type of questions people are asking about in the blogosphere, you can use Answerthepublic.

Answerthepublic.com is an awesome website where you type one or two words of your interest on the search slot and then you get all the answers on a mind map.

Try it! It’s really fun.

7. Use “how-to” topics

An effective strategy to come up with an interesting ebook topic is the How To model.

The How To model is very powerful since everyone wants to learn “how-to” do something. So much so that there’s a website that is filled with “how-tos” and their answers. We are talking about wiki-how.com

Test the following sentences:

  • How to <achieve benefit>
  • Try also How to <achieve benefit> even if <barrier>
  • or How to <achieve benefit> in less than <period of time>

8. Online courses content

We live in an era of online education.

There are many platforms offering online education in multiple topics. We can think of Coursera, Udemy, MasterClass, etc…

By checking their courses and their contents, you will have an idea of what they are offering. Their topics are marketable.

Check out the synopsis of these courses because they will inspire you to write your chapters.

9. Use Buzzsumo to find the most shareable content

Buzzsumo is a platform that helps you find the content that performs best.
You can use it:
• Either by entering a keyword,
• Or, by writing a domain name. For instance, your competitor’s website.
And let Buzzsumo do the magical work.

10. Research hashtags of your niche

Searching for hashtags on social media can give you a feel for what is resonating and what isn’t.

You can use tools like Hashtagify.me. It will help you analyze hashtags from competitors and influencers.


We’ve covered the 10 tips to choosing an ebook topic for your audience.

Once you’ve found the right topic, the next step will be to research on that topic, organize the information and write the ebook.

If you are not sure if the topic is interesting enough, test the waters. You can always write a short article and share it on social media. And if you feel like the audience wants more, you can go for the ebook.

Happy writing! 🙂

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